Hey Everyone!

So, first off, one thousand apologies for not uploading anything here recently...I've been working on several paid videos which I feel like I should not use this platform for as that kinda defeats the purpose. But I will be posting my other projects here when they come out so PREPARE TO GET SPAMMED!!!


So anywho, here's a piece I made in collaboration with the one and only Pierce Fulton. We filmed this over about a month and a half, separated by a two week trip through Utah (which you will also be able to check out when I finally get around to making the video...), and even picking up some drone footage while up in Vancouver. I loved this project as it was a chance to do something somewhat advanced while keeping things pretty simple with an absolutely bare-bones crew (that being just myself, Pierce, and his brother Griff). 

All said, I am eternally grateful to Pierce and Griff for trusting me despite this totally insane concept (co-written with Pierce himself) and I can't wait to keep collaborating with them on future projects. 

There's more to come on this project as well as a few others in the coming weeks, so stay tooned!