New Video: "Wherever I May Roam"
I have a new travel vlog from a recent family trip to Little River Waterfall in Northern Alabama. We took a day trip up there to see the falls and play in the water. It was awesome. 

The waterfall is easily accessible, even for little kids and not far from the parking lot. This video captures a small bit of it. I would've loved to get more footage, but we went there to have fun. So I spent most of my time playing in the water with the girls. One day, I'll also get a waterproof case for my iPhone.

New Single: "Wherever I May Roam

When I was mixing the song, I decided to use "Wherever I May Roam". But the version I recorded on St Patrick's Day Songs for Kids was way too fast. I decided to look if I had any other recordings. 

It turns out I recorded the song back when I was recording basic tracks for As Long As I'm Flyin'. And the recording sounded really good (at least I thought so, you let me know)!

I figured out how to add that recording to my video on my phone and viola! I have the new video.

But that's not all you're getting...

I was reading an article by Bob Lefsetz. He's a music biz commentator. He talked about all the different versions of a new Mick Jagger single. I thought, what if I go ahead and release the new music video AND the new Single as well? And later, I can add additional instrumentation to build up the song as I really would like to hear it.

So that's what I'm gonna do.

Today, you get the video. Wednesday, I will send you the single. JUST BECAUSE you're an awesome Gunn Runner who's supporting my music. And you deserve it!

Then on August 14th, the single will go live officially for everyone else.

So this is your chance to hear the new single. 

Listen to it over and over again.

Tell other people about it. 

Let them know it's available on August 14th (but as a Gunn Runner, you got it before that date)

If you enjoy it, then share.

Thank you as always for your generosity.




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