The new video is coming... TOMORROW (to Patrons only)
Hello world,

I can't wait to share this next spoken word video with you, that goes live in just over 20 hours. Me and film maker/producer/stuntwoman/all together impressive person Sara Larsson  are bringing you something brand new.

If you're already a Patron - don't worry, you'll get first dibs, and the first sneak-peak at the new video.

If you're not a Patron yet - become one! You'll get to see the new video the second it comes out, and enjoy all the backstage benefits of being a supporter.

Just as I promised, I am making more collaborative videos this year, and have some great stuff in store for you over the next few months - as well as some great news I will be able to tell you all about very soon.

Keep you eyes peeled folks!

Love and solidarity,


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