New Video: Keep Them Soaring
I meant to share this sooner, but time is all messed up right now. We got back from Cambridge, England on Monday. My wife had a conference there, and we decided to bring the kids and make it a sorta family vacation. Gwen's dad joined us, and my mom and step-dad dropped in for a couple days. It was wonderful trip.

Over the past few months, I've been trying to figure out how to record music videos. I confess I've been a little...frightened...about the daunting task of compiling 30 or 40 short video clips into an actual music video. 

These past two trips to England were sort of an experiment to see if I could do that. PLUS, I wanted to add a story to them. Not just scenes. That's the bigger challenge as you might've heard in the "Making of A Pirate's Confession" video I made.

This video, I think, has an even better story. I drew the comparison of kids being dragons who just want to have fun. So while we were in Cambridge, I shot a LOT of video to capture that idea. I merged it with some real dragons I saw there, and voila, a compelling story with lots of cute kids.

There's not as much travel footage like in "A Pirate's Confession", but I think it's a good video.

The lyrics were written by Rie Sheridan Rose and the music was my own. I love the lyrics. They brilliantly capture the love of a creature that could easily demolish you with a single breath. This is satire at its best. 

Maybe another day I'll go into exactly why I love the satire, but for now, I have a lot to do. We are heading out to a wedding this weekend in Kentucky. So gotta run.


In the meantime, the album will be officially released on July 27th. And I could REALLY use your help sharing this video and the release date.

I am hoping that I can push the album to #1 on the CD Baby Top Album Charts. But that all depends on if I can sell 120 copies of the album on the 27th. So help me spread the word.

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