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NEW VIDEO: My Parents' NEW HOUSE! (plus The Bothering 2 behind-the-scenes)
Good evening, Bees! I do hope you've had a delightful weekend :)

Here's my latest video - a scrapbook vlog about my parents big new house, plus some behind-the-scenes footage from The Bothering 2 shoot which was shot in said big house before our parents moved in!

My brother's new sketch The Bothering 2 is a sequel to The Bothering, a sketch we made inside of an afternoon 6 years ago! Old-schoolers will know The Bothering - it's still Chris' most viewed video and where a lot of people first discovered who I was when my channel was just a baby. I do recommend giving the new one a watch as we all worked very hard on it!

I hope you enjoy my new video also, it's a mishmash of footage but I think it turned out to be quite a fun one!

Much love,

Jenny xx