New video on the way
Joel is working on some music for it right now. It'll be my first paid post and it is not a compilation of baby vines. Thought I should give you a quick heads up so you can tell your friends, update your payment info, adjust your pledge or tell your friends.

I said I would post other creative work on here which I've not been doing. Since we last spoke, I've done some more work for Fandor and two weeks of work (most of which wasn't used) on a holiday commercial for Google Play. I also made a video for the successful kickstarter campaign for a dumpling emoji.

As far as personal work goes, I've become a little obsessed with videogame manholes. It's part of a much larger interactive project I want to do. I'll be at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week and hope to talk to some people about it. That and game trailers (my first teaser is coming soon and I'll be looking to make some more).