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New Video - Sandy (On the Moon Mix)
Happy October! 

Here's some back story for this one. Early on, we decided we wanted electronic and acoustic versions of every song. Since 'Sandy' is already a fairly straight ahead guitar rock song, just doing it with acoustic guitars didn't feel different enough. Sidecar Cammi came up with the new little vocal line, and we thought maybe we'd do an a capella version. That wasn't working out to be too interesting. Sidecar Randin started playing with synth parts along with the original vocal and drum tracks, and even though it wasn't the original goal, we thought it sounded cool and different enough to warrant a new release. The name comes from a comment Cammi made early in the process - "It sounds like I'm on the moon!" The video obviously uses footage from the original 'Sandy' shoot, but processed through some different effects, just like the audio comes from the original but is processed in different ways.

So there you go. The rest of the story.

Up next in a few weeks is a dreamy video for the acoustic version of 'Slow Down.'

After that... we're not sure! We've lived in different states for the last 6 months. In the winter and spring, we planned ahead and shot everything to get us through October. Now, it's time to get creative again!