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New Video - Two Minute Game Crit: Weapon Degradation
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Hi everybody, quick post to share with you my latest paid Two Minute Game Crit video. It's on the topic of weapon degradation - which gets a bit of flack these days - while taking a quick look at how Vagrant Story's implementation of this concept works wonderfully within its overarching structure.

I don't really now what I can say about Vagrant Story as context. It's either my favourite game or my second-favourite game, and it's really big. There's a lot to it, so much that even talking about the tiny, tiny aspect of weapon degradation had me trimming parts off just to keep within the video's time-frame. There's the one stand-out chain ability called Phantom Pain which expends Phantom Points to deal direct damage, which is right in tune with the martyrdom of Ashley Riot and coincides with the title the game gives to its main storyline; "Phantom Pain" is the story of Ashley's journey into the heart of Leá Monde. It's a rich thematic wellspring, the relationship of phantom points to damage points. Please consider this as little more than entry-point into the subject.

For a few weeks now I've been planning this month's article but have yet had the time to sit down to hammer it out. Assignments and exams, you know. Hopefully I'll have some hours this weekend to give it a go, though, so look forward to it. Without giving too much away, it's going to be about Irish Travellers and American ideas of racial prejudice.