New Video 'Two Places at Once' w/ The Quiet American
I recorded this live version of my original song, 'Two Places at Once,' when I was on tour in the West Coast this summer.  Aaron and Nicole, the duo of

The Quiet American, are my friends from when they lived in Colorado and now, when we see each other on the road. We worked out this song to play while we were all in England for the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival in May 2016, and will hopefully play it and many other songs together until we're old and gray.'Two Places at Once' is on my new album, 'The Terrible Dinner Guest.'

I am really excited to make youtube videos (homemade and professional) for all the songs on the new album. Which song do you want to see made into a video next? Let me know in the comments below!  

Thanks for your support, excitement, enthusiasm and patronage! The last few months, I worked so hard I can't actually believe I'm still standing up on legs.  I have the next few months off from the road and from any wild album releases to sit in my home and MAKE THINGS and practice and sing and relish in all my gratitude for the wonderful, wonderful life I've been given. Thanks for being a part of that life.