New vlog series up on the Youtube channel, upcoming patron-only content
Hey everyone!

Just dropping by to announce the new vlog series, Meet the Artists, where I offer updates and information on what I'm doing week to week, as well as talk about things I have planned for upcoming events and content. Currently I'm just using it as a small personal video journal, but will be expanding it a bit later on to include interviews and discussions with other artists. Please like, comment, and subscribe, and offer feedback on what you think is and is not working, as I'm not used to creating in-front-of-the-camera kinds of media. I've always been a background/production guy, so putting myself as the front-man is brand new territory for me.

Coming soon will be a couple of the in-progress gifs, as originally promised, and I've also decided to add a new perk to the patrons-only section! Every time I record an informational and/or vlog video, there is inevitably a number of bloopers and screw ups that don't make it to the final video. As paying patrons, you will receive the private link to the edited bloopers at the end of each month, which, needless to say, are varied and rather silly. 

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