New Watercolors ♥ New Patreon
Today I got in the mail new watercolors for my early Christmas present! It's Mijello's Gold Mission Class watercolors and they're so vibrant and pretty! Having these new watercolors really inspires me to make more paintings and just be creative. I really liked my old watercolors (Winsor and Newton Carson watercolors) but the vivid colors is more my style with Mijello ^o^. I did doodle a little bit but I will doodle some more soon! Here you go:

I've started a new Patreon and I will be honest and say it's very daunting signing up. I have always been afraid of failure but I know that if I just be myself and try not to worry, things will be okay. I remember the dread I felt when I opened up doing commissions in 2014 while I was in highschool and really feeling like no one would bother buying any artwork or supporting me cause I wasn't good enough. I am happy to say I was really wrong! Things didn't immediately boom but my friends wanted to support me, I drew them special pictures and things grew from there. I know that I am a bit afraid of failure because being an artist is really important to me, it's who I am and what I want to be until I'm an old lady. I look at other people here on Patreon, the successful artists I read about in my art history books in school and I feel inspired and scared, they're so successful and here I am so small. I will stay positive though and just do my best, all I can do is my best. Drawing makes me really happy and I know nothing will ever stop that and if people see that and want to support me then they will, I just need to be myself and create art.

Thank you for reading my first post! I hope you have a wonderful day/night uguu! :> ♥