New website update goals!

Hey there! This is a public post for existing Patrons and non-Patrons alike.

The Follower and Messenger sites have been in need of a visual refresh for a couple of years now, and some technical improvements on the back end as well. Since Bug has a background in web design and development, these updates are easy enough to do “in-house,” but they will require some amount of time to complete.

This is where (hopefully) you come in. We’ve set a Patreon goal of $100 per month to make some needed updates to the Follower (and eventually Messenger) websites. This amount will “buy” the necessary hours away from other tasks for Bug to be able to complete the changes to the site.

What kind of changes are we hoping to make, exactly? First of all, the site layout is a little bit dated and janky. We want to convert things to a more cohesive, modern design. This is likely the quickest part of the process.

Secondly, we want to post bigger comic pages. If you haven’t noticed, the chapter seven pages are posted at a much bigger size than previous chapters. This process will involve making some tweaks and re-exporting each page image, then re-uploading to the site. Parts of this process are automated, and some parts aren’t, but overall this is the longest part of the process.

Last of all, we’re looking into a more customized CMS. That’s the technical part. Wordpress has served us well for almost a decade (more than a decade for Messenger!) but it may be time to make a change to something a bit more purpose-built and streamlined, to help keep the comics updating well into the future!

We appreciate you reading this post and our comics. Whether you’re already an existing Patron, or even just considering joining, your support means so much! Financially, you keep Follower and Messenger online, and emotionally your readership keeps us energized and excited about making comics. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Thank you for reading, and please check out our reward tiers! We think there’s something for everyone. If you have questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment here!

-Bug & Delade

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