New Website
I've been working on getting the new site working, all the Open Game License rules will be available online along with a great deal of information about adventuring on the world of  Ǻrth. Check us out at

Tier Benefits
$3 or more per creation 0 patrons

For $3.00 per quarterly issue (once every 3 months), you will receive a .pdf of our magazine Dungeon Crawler Quarterly through You will also be listed in the credits of any game material we release that month as a supporter. You will receive our endless thanks and have the opportunity to name creatures, settlements, and magic items in monthly drawings.

Additionally you will receive a 20% off coupon whenever we release a new item on DriveThruRPG and will be invited to playtest each Cailore Fantasy adventure with us via our FantasyGrounds campaign. 

I will begin releasing micro-brew PDFs, only available here to patrons. You’ll find write-ups on gods, towns, kingdoms, artifacts, monsters native to Ǻrth, and sometimes an entire mini-module good for a one-shot or special side-encounter at your game table.

Party Member
$15 or more per creation 0 of 15 patrons

For $15 per quarterly issue (once every 3 months), you will receive a .pdf of our magazine Dungeon Crawler Quarterly through


You will get all the benefits of Cohort status, but Party Members get priority enrollment in playtesting groups, plus a 35% off coupon each time we release a new product on DriveThruRPG.

$30 or more per creation 0 of 50 patrons

In addition to the Party Member level rewards, Champions are given the opportunity to take the role of the leader of one of the settlements on Auctorus and rule it as they see fit. You will create a special character to become your avatar in the world of Cailore Fantasy where your actions will have lasting impacts on the world.
Patron Prince/Princess
$90 or more per creation 0 of 10 patrons

Our highest level includes all the greatest benefits of the lesser categories, but instead of leading a relatively small settlement, Patron Princes will be granted one of the great noble houses of Ǻrth. Each Patron Prince will be listed in the Special Thanks section of each product published while they are paying their monthly gift, and will additionally receive all the benefits of the Game Master tier.
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