New website in development
Thanks to my wonderful patrons and donors, I've now purchased a domain and I'm in the process of building a brand new website. There's a fair bit of new content since last I posted here, and all of it can be found at

Stop by, and feel free to make suggestions for topics not already covered. I have about 30 posts currently in development, but I'm always interested in looking at subjects I haven't covered. As long as they can be cast in terms of how we think about things, I'm up for suggestions.

Suggestions can also be e-mailed to me at [email protected]

I also have a challenge open. If you think you have, or know of, some killer argument for god, or for aliens, or for any other of the whacky claims that people make, I'm happy to address them as part of the challenge, assuming I haven't already covered the subject. Challenges can be submitted via e-mail at [email protected] or entered in the comments section of the following post, where more details on the challenge can also be found.

I look forward to seeing you.