New Weekly & Alpha Build: v0.94 (BIRD EDITION)

Hello! This is something of a landmark build, since it introduces an exciting (and big and complex) new feature AND is the next build that will be going public in two week's time (August 16th, mark it on your calendars).

This release is, more or less, the conclusion of Chapter 8, though I'm sure I'll be tinkering away at it and continuing to polish as we go. 

To our weekly and alpha patrons: we hope you enjoy. To everyone else: we hope you'll look forward to the 16th and all the new content and improvements that it will bring.

As always, patch notes are below. And don't forget: if you want even more (and faster) information about the game, you can also find us on Twitter and Discord.


Version 0.94 - 8-2-2019

  • Added the conclusion to the second idol quest
  • Added more dialogue to NPCs in Aster Village
  • Added new areas to Aster Valley
  • Added the Crater area and new cutscenes
  • Added Qel, the Dreamer. Qel is a giant night essence bird that can be flown around the world  map to reach your destination faster!
  • Updated the world map image to reflect the newly added areas
  • Fixed a lighting issue in the room with the first golden idol
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