Here it is, 

it's difficult to catch it with the right light because the light is going down super early here now (like around 3:30 - 4PM) and usually at that time I'm at work and then after the light has gone, I work with the electric light which is ok but really doesn't do for the photos, it makes everything yellowish and gray. 

This is the best I could get this week but hopefully in the weekend I'll make some progress and I can make a new photo :) I just wanted to give you a first idea. 

So this one is biiiiiig (it's all relative, for me it's big, for a museum it's standard). Since I have a studio now I want to use the opportunity to scale up the works so this is probably about 150 x 130 cm. You have no idea how much it stinked when I applied the oil painting ground on all this surface in the room, it was really toxic I'm glad it's dried out now. 

Anecdotes apart, so far I like the composition and the colours in general but there is still a lot to do and when you paint things this size and you're not used to it you never prepare enough colour and then you have to get the exact same hue again... so definitely mix more than you think you'll need!

Catch you at the end of the weekend!

Have fun

Et voilà mon nouveau grand tableau. 

C'est pas facile de prendre une photo avec la vraie lumière car je bosse le soir au studio et en général il fait déjà nuit mais j'ai réussi à faire celle ci pour vous donner une première vue de ce sur quoi je suis en ce moment. 

Element naturel melangé à des elements de constructions humaines, un petit côté post apo... c'est ce que j'aimerai bien faire on verra si ça change en peignant. 

Pour l'instant je suis satisfaite de ce début de composition sur grande toile (tout est relatif grand pour moi 150 x 130 cm) on verra comment ça se passe par la suite, j'espère pouvoir faire une autre photo avec quelque progrés à la fin du weekend!


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