New Wizard Reward on It's Way to a New Patron! Yay!
A huge warm welcome to Ricardo, my newest Wizard patron! Thanks so much for joining this collection of awesome folks here on my Patreon page. Here is your reward for your first month of support as a Wizard! You've got a signed print of 'Call of Cthulhu' and a doodle by me (All Wizard level rewards get a free print on their first month. 

All rewards will be sent out today so if those of you in the USA haven't received them by the end of the month, give me a shout!

Every single supporter is making it possible for me to continue to bring my own vision to life so it means SO much. Thank you, every single one of you!

PS! I will let you know who has won the draw for the 70 patrons reached giveaway very soon!! 

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