New Work and a BRAND NEW WEBSITE! (public post)
Hai dear patrons and visitors!

As some of you know my health has been declining BUT fear not about my art. Between visits to the ER and a variety of health care professionals (I go back again to hospital tomorrow for a procedure, wish me luck!) and editing my book Pain Eater, I made this new piece in collaboration with my robot minion. 

I've wanted to update my site , and this new piece gave me the perfect excuse to shake things up and do it now!

My $3/up patrons will get a high-res version of it very soon. Also, $10 patreons get a bunch of cool stuff dropped soon and I have some exciting news about new merch coming down the pipeline in the next week.

Stay tuned!


Kait Moon 🌙

P.S> I REALLY LOVE your feedback so please click through if you are getting this in email, or if you are visiting as a non-patron -  please feel free to comment too! Let me know what you think of the site, what you like/don't like. All that jazz. It helps me so much!    - xoxox Kait 🌙

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