New Work In Progress - First Episode
My first Patreon work in progress (WIP) is a series of novellas that will become 5 books. These books are the first of what will be a series of self-contained stories using a few brand new characters, and a very unique world that this first novel describes. If you’ve read the Golden Threads Trilogy, you might recognize many elements. As in all of my writing, this story is part of the multi-universe timeline I’ve created over the last twenty years.

This new series is running parallel to the Golden Threads Trilogy, same point in time but a completely new location. Revealing the precise location is a bit of a spoiler. It will be revealed at some point of this series and will be the basis for the fifth to possibly hundreds of novels. (It might be revealed sooner in the Patreon Activity discussions but right now this is the plan.)

The first novel is named World Without End, and the basis for the story has consumed my imagination as well as time researching everything involved. To say I’m super excited about this new series is an understatement. I can’t wait to totally geek out to the nth degree with everyone over the scale, science, and everything else present. To provide some insight to how much this has consumed me, allow me to explain how it all began and why the hard-science-fiction, Duianna Chronicles, are on hold.

I was happily writing a fun, hard-science fiction novel titled Lieutenant’s Lesson, Book One of the Duianna Chronicles, about a certain junior officer in the Royal Space Marines all the fans of the Golden Threads would recognize in a nanosecond. Lieutenant’s Lesson was entertaining with spaceships, explosions, combat, hidden science research outposts, evil empires, and twisted ambitious villains; everything I loved.

One day late in April, a rather strange thought popped into my head, a thought that had nothing to do with the Lieutenant Bensure’s adventures. This idea halted everything else and forced me into three weeks of intense research of visual perception, focal lengths of telescopes, atmospheric hazing, and human visual processing. The result was an idea for a steampunk series, and it was burning my fingers to get out.

Unable to resist, I set aside the other WIP (Lieutenant’s Lesson) to write this series. I have five books planned to kick off the Endless Horizons Saga. Each is a complete novel (no cliffhangers, I promise, just an ongoing series of adventures for some fabulous people). Now that I’m well into the first novel, I'm really glad I did this, because this series has given me a whole new angle on the Niya-Yur universe, flushes out some details I didn’t have properly resolved for Lieutenant’s Lesson (much less the Duianna Chronicles), and it allows me to play with the steampunk genre.

To help me keep things in order and to remind me to keep each chapter fully contained, I’ve started calling the chapters ‘episodes’ for my storyboarding exercises. This has helped me to keep the focus tight on our main characters. As I’m releasing these serial TV show-style episodes to my patrons, I’m going to stick with this titling scheme. Maybe this will help, maybe not, if you don’t like it let me know. I can easily switch to something else.

The first season of the Endless Horizons Sagas is titled World Without End. The first episode of World Without End in the final version will be titled Chapter 1 – Return of the Vibrius.

Here, the released epub publication of that chapter as a short is called The Endless Horizons Sagas, Season 1 Episode 1: Return of the Vibrius. The end result is my patrons will get the whole story as both the serial episodes long before they are published as well as the complete assembled book.

I make no promise that the serial episodes will remain unchanged before I wrap them into the complete book; they'll be interesting if you compare them to the final novel to see what made it, what got cut, and what was added. The process is that once the full novel is finished, the complete manuscript goes to a professional pace/content editor, then to my line-editor, then to another pace/line editor, then to a professional proofreader, and only then, turned into publishable books by my graphics and layout team with pictures, cover, and all the goodies.

These episodes are still considered early access and are restricted to patrons only.

If you like this idea and want more, the process is simple, just click on the become a patron button.

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