Hello Dear Patrons! I am writing to you from snowy Eastern Oregon today. My family and I have been in our new home less than one month and we're still unpacking. In fact, I finally found the remote mouse to my computer this week!

I hope you all had lovely holidays. We spent ours with family. The learning curve is high out here for a California/Texas girl. In the past few weeks, I've learned to drive on ice, chop wood, operate a wood stove, and shovel snow. I've also learned that setting up my art studio here will take more time than I originally anticipated. Luckily, I've created a little painting corner in the house to tide me over until I'm really up and running. 

Your support this month meant the WORLD to me. It meant that I could make an interstate move with my family, uproot my art studio, stop painting for a couple of weeks, and attend to the health and well-being of my kids as they also make this huge transition. THANK YOU. 

Above is a picture of my house this morning. I can't wait to share the re-assembly of my art studio with you in the coming weeks. There is a whole new world of inspiration out here in the wilds of Eastern Oregon and you, dear patrons, will be a part of it. I can't wait!

Yours in gratitude - Sarah