New Year Projects
Happy New Year to you all. For this first month of 2016 I'll be staying in Utah while working on my violin pieces, finishing the unfinished, editing the nearly finished, and making arrangements for the upcoming violin recording. If you're in Salt Lake City, I'll be performing as many of these pieces as can fit into the schedule, in concert on March 5, at Valley View Concerts (on my website calendar). Stephen Keen will be accompanying me on the grand piano there at the concert space, and I highly recommend this superb listening atmosphere if you want a nice evening out. Other concerts around the country are being booked and will be appearing on the website as they're confirmed.  Coming soon are recently collected videos and photos from the fall touring,  along with demonstration recordings of some of the new songs I've been writing. I don't know if you've heard of the Janis Joplin documentary that was recently in's worth seeing. The footage of her, and the letters home that were read from, were sweet and human. It was a wonderful thing, that she shared her life with us as she did, as short as it was. Cheers! Kate MacLeod