A new year! Brings new creative adventures!
Hey guys! Well I am on the last 16 days of packing and sorting ready to make our big move to Victoria! Boxes, mess, dust, sorting, selling, packing... They say it will be over at some point! We have to get on the boat on the 18th of Jan, so it will end! Its been a very hectic time, but you WAIT!!! I will be posting more soon, because I will be getting my teeth back into my art!! Yippeee! You may have seen this image before, but I thought I would revisit it and get you excited about what is to come! Its not my usual technique, but I loved the challenge put to me by my son Elijah, who wanted the image for his promotion. More paintings are on their way, and... at last I will be doing some smaller ones. I wont have a studio to paint in for a while, and less space, but it will give me a chance to do something a bit different! So stay tuned!
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