a new year has started
CES is near Posted on December 30, 2014 by Rick Sare • 0 Comments Omg,i am so not happy this year..lol.my ces badge is sitting in Las Vegas and i won’t be there to pick it up.Oh well,LOL I will just be watching from the sidelines this year enjoying all the feeds in socal that will be flooding all of are streams along with a lot of you.planing is the key,and this year plans fell through.But because of this i will be able to focus more on the page and things i want to accomplish in the glass community alot more.so its really good news.contest will be coming back,i started a new podcast i will be linking here along in google plus and twiter. New products and links should be popping up shortly as well.2015 is going to be a busy year and i cant wait.i just want to thank everyone for coming to the site.you all have really stepped it up and soon will be rewarded with new content and even possibly a new glass family app in the play store,,,,fingers crossed.anyway Happy new year to you all and keep the glass in the up right position.love you all