New Year, New Goals
Individual days slip by like grains of sand in an hourglass. You don't notice each day until a larger amount of time has lapsed. Every year, we celebrate a new year by counting down the clock. Each new year brings new ideas, new perspectives, and new possibilities. It also makes people reevaluate their goals and set their sights on something new.

Something that has become abundantly (and painfully) clear to me is my own lack of direction. I love art, all kinds. You guys have probably noticed the few drawings I've been posting lately (Hammerhead's Headphones and Hootbeats). In addition to those, I've been creating cat sketches (Curly Sue is not impressed, but she enjoys seeing it framed and in color) to sell at Purringtons Cat Lounge in NE Portland. I've recently gone back to the classy, matted B/W sketches.

This year, I decided to harness my own lack of direction. I've created origami boxes with daily goals. Whenever I feel directionless/need motivation, I pull a card out of the "Create" box. Then, I do whatever is on that card, be it drawing, painting, writing, editing, blogging, etc.

This has also worked swimmingly for the Chore Box. I don't think any person particularly enjoys deep cleaning, but it's a necessity. I'm lucky to have a husband who takes care of the day to day, but I still need to pitch in. I created ~20 cards with deeper cleans. I'll do one each day until they are all "accomplished", then dump them back into the chore box. Repeat. My oven and floors underneath my couch and bed are already thanking me.

Implementing these boxes has forced me to do something I've been struggling with: accomplishing a little every day. Sometimes reaching "the end" feels insurmountable and ends with the hopeless feeling of "it's never enough", which is why I wanted to change my focus this year to smaller achievements. Living in the moment and doing a little bit today is achievable, and that's all I want.

So how about you, Patrons? Any plans for the New Year? What's the highest on your accomplish list? What's your approach to getting there?

Photo taken from my instagram @radesilets