New Year, New Script
Happy New Year lovely patrons and lurkers! Excited to start the year with a first draft of the short film script I'm developing as part of the latest Emerging Artists Trust screenwriters course. The plan is to take the concept all the way to funding application stage, and if all goes well to shoot the film next year. I've had interest in the concept (and the potential feature film it's connected to) from an up and coming producer and some cool crew members, so everything crossed that development goes well. I'm in great hands with our course mentors, who are working writing Actual Features. Being in New Zealand's little movie capital is a splendid thing.

I've also just been offered the lead role in a webseries, and invited to audition for two voice parts in an indie feature. A pretty neat start to the year all round. And I have a working temporary laptop, which is good for pretty much everything bar video editing. Only a couple more weeks to wait before I get my new machine and can resume post-production on Rescued By Eagles.

Plus there's a big feature film or two (or three, or four, or six) popping up over the Wellywood horizon that I may get some work on later in the year if all things align. And... shooting a new spoof music video (but not Middle Earth this time). More news on that to come, for patrons only!

Next step is a proper planning meeting with my manager (er, that'll be my wife then) to figure out how I'm going to get all this stuf done. (And the other stuff. There's other stuff too.)

Thanks again for your continuing support. In particular, as I don't expect the webseries has any budget I'll only really be able to afford to participate thanks to your backing.