New Year, New Perks, New Spoilercast, New Patreon Campaign!
With 2017 officially underway, we felt it was time to rethink and streamline our Patreon campaign in the hopes of reinvigorating excitement and pushing towards some of our loftier goals. Part of this means we took a good, hard look at our existing campaign and made adjustments to it from top to bottom. There are some subtractions and some additions but in the end, we feel the new structure will benefit everyone; ourselves included!

For starters, we have modified our tiers in the interest of rewarding our paid supporters without denying access to quality content from the rest of the community. All of our produced video content (Top 5’s, Trailer Talk, Game of the Year videos, etc) will be made available on YouTube (and eventually a dedicated page on our website) but paid supporters at the $3 tier will be given 48-Hour early access. We will also be giving additional permissions to paid supporters at the $5 tier to interact with our awesome Discord server ( in new ways! Perhaps most notably is the addition of a Patron exclusive voice channel that allows you to listen to live “Bonus Podcasts” as we record them! Voice interactions are deactivated for Patrons so you can listen without interrupting but we will be encouraging chat in the Patron Room. **All Bonus Podcasts will be made available to download within 72-hours**

 We will be recording Spoilercasts for major games throughout the year which will take advantage of the exclusive voice room feature. In fact, We will be kicking that off this Sunday, February 12, at 6PM (CST) when we record our first Spoilercast of the year for Resident Evil 7! If you are a $5+ supporter on Patreon, take a moment to link your Discord and Patreon accounts (Click Here to Learn How) so you can tune in!  

In addition to Spoilercasts, we will be bringing back an alcohol fueled podcast (Name TBD) once we reach the $1000 milestone. We know you guys miss Cocktail Time and the sultry voice of Joseph Christ (we do too) but the show must go on! These episodes will feature toasts, confessions, guests, and discussions that are limited only by our twisted imaginations! 

 Additional changes include new milestones and tiers that feature Cosplay, VR Upgrades, and even a cool collectors Mug that is exclusive to supporters who pledge $15 per month! We look forward to 2017 and beyond and as always, we thank you all for your continued support!