New year, new tier! Digital downloads of my spaceflight photos now available to Stage 3 Patrons!

Happy New Year, folks! I hope you're looking forward to a fantastic year in spaceflight and the resulting imagery I plan to produce!

One long-requested thing I've seen across social media is people's desire to acquire high-resolution copies of my images. I've always been hesitant to distribute high-res photos as I worry they'll get out online and be distributed without permission. However, I'm pleased to share that I'm now offering digital downloads for the new "Stage 3" tier ($10+ monthly). Stage 3 Patrons also receive all benefits from lower tiers.

Select photos are available to download for personal use via a private gallery on my SmugMug print store. A few of my most popular images and photos from recent launches will be available; the catalogue will rotate intermittently, so be sure to check back regularly if you sign up for this tier!

All the photos in the private gallery are downloadable with a 3,000px long edge — perfect for display on your computer's desktop or phone's wallpaper. A minuscule, nearly-invisible watermark is hidden in each photo to protect from image theft/unwanted distribution. Good luck finding them — it's a fun scavenger hunt!

Shortly after you sign up for this tier, I will enable your access to the SmugMug gallery, but as I do it manually, it could take a few hours to one full business day. Once I do, you'll receive an email invitation to quickly make a SmugMug guest account and access the downloadable photos. I will do my best to enable your access as soon as possible.

Here's the current selection of downloadable photos.

To my current patrons: I hope you consider upgrading your pledge to this new tier — I really feel like there's great value for $10/month! To non-patrons: You should definitely join the group of 100+ amazing individuals supporting my work which is helping me reach new heights with my photography. Access my exclusive Discord server, read my Post-Launch Blogs, and download high-res copies of my photos! The Stage 1 tier starts at just $2/monthly.

I hope you all are looking forward to an epic 2019.