New Years Resolutions
Ok, so I generally hate New Years Resolutions... I mean you shouldn't wait for a Monday to start your diet, or the New Year to start exercising, or Sunday to be nice to people... but I was thinking quite a bit about how to make Patreon and my content better over the holidays, so it happens to coincide this year, so I am going to roll with it.

You guys rock my world! I honestly could not do what I do without you, or gotten to where I am, so I really want to focus more on you guys and getting this page, my Youtube, and maybe possibly a Twitch channel running better and upping my content creation. We are still a bit shy on the $1200 goal which would allow me to drop most of my larger commissions and concentrate mostly on you guys throughout the month, but we are so close! So I am going to work ahead a bit and get the ball rolling. This year I plan to:

- Create a predictable hangout schedule ahead of time so that you guys can plan around it better. I am thinking of it always being around the middle of the month, around the 15th. At the beginning of each month (so $5 patrons and up  be on the lookout) I will have a poll to see what the general consensus is about days and times so that we can get most of you on board, then schedual it by the 5th so everyone can plan.

- Create a Twitch channel and stream for craft casts that I do more regularly for long periods of time. Less chat, more watch the magic in action, but I will still answer questions here and there. I may also play video games occasionally when I am too pooped to craft. We will see how it goes. This will take a month or two to set up, but once it is up I will let you guys know.

- ONE VIDEO PER WEEK! Not all will be tutorials because good detailed ones take FOREVER to record and edit, so still probably only one per month of those, but I need to get better at creating more content in general. Some will be quick little tips and tricks, some will be Vlog "this week in the shop" type stuff, maybe little videos of me derpin' around at a convention, but it will be ONE A WEEK GOSH DARN IT!

- One updated tutorial on the Patron Only Page per month at minimum. I have really been slacking on the Patron only page. Mainly I feel like I am scrambling just to get the video done, so I forget to take pictures for the page during the process, which then means I cant create a good tutorial on the website. I need to take more time with the tutorial in general so that I can get it into better formats for the website and eventual tutorial books.

- One personal project/photo-shoot per month. This one is going to be the hardest because I never schedule time for myself :( I spend so much time creating other peoples costume that I forget to work on mine until it is too late. I think I am going to schedule a day or two in the week to work on my stuff and new projects so that I can not only finish my costumes, but also create new tutorials and videos for you guys more regularly!

What else would you guys like to see me do? Where do you think I could improve the most? What are your favorite types of posts and what would you like to see me do more of? As always, I would love to hear what you guys think :)