So I made a brief update on Twitter but it was kindly brought to my attention that I hadn't posted anything about it directly to Patreon. I was hoping to have some goodies ready before I made the post but I don't want to keep you all waiting any longer.

So indie publishing and Patreon management have been pretty trial-and-error for me as I learn what I can keep up with and what just absolutely destroys my desire and ability to work. This year I will be changing my workflow and shifting reward tiers as an experiment that will hopefully lead to a more productive year.

Item 1: I learned while working on Persephone and preparing TQ for its new release that I work best in batches. I have an easier time staying focused and getting it done because I'm focused on one thing at a time. Last year I was unable to work in batches. I never had the time. I always had to move on to the next comic update immediately after finishing the last page and I was always behind. Then I didn't have time to work on bonus material for Patreon and that, in all honesty, gave me some pretty serious anxiety. THIS YEAR I will be working on all of my comics in batches, in a bit of a rotation. It will take some time to get everything rolling and I completely understand if you guys want to hold off on your pledges until things pick up again for your comic of choice. Right now I am working on the first chapter of the highly anticipated Eros and Psyche, which I will have available very soon. Next on the agenda will either be Far to the North or Tigress Queen, and I might put it up to a vote if you all are interested.

Item 2: NEW COMICS INCOMING! The photo above is for Eros and Psyche, featuring Aphrodite and Ares. This comic will be 18+ so please keep that in mind. THIRSTY FOLKS ONLY. The first chapter will be available later this month. The second new comic is:

Poisoned! This comic has been in visual development hell for so long and I'm so excited to finally share it with you. I'll be releasing it a little later this year, so please look forward to it! Like my other Patreon-exclusives it will be released a chapter at a time. 

Item 3: I will be adjusting Patreon reward tiers. I will be nixing the world building tier altogether because I simply never have time to do the rewards I originally had planned for it. The new line-up will be as follows:

$1 - Works In Progress - I will post thumbnails of Far to the North and Tigress Queen (with some Poisoned pages here and there) but without dialogue. I will also post WIPs of other SFW rewards and works I intend to make public.

$3 - Early Release - I will post TQ and FTTN pages as I finish them here, as well as any other SFW bonus material. 

$7 - Poisoned - Once the first chapter is ready for release, I will create this tier so that people can access this comic specifically.

$10 - Eros and Psyche - This tier will include chapters of Eros and Psyche along with all other NSFW content I decide to make. In the past I've had people mention they were uncomfortable seeing this content even though they wanted to be subscribed to content from a tier above it, so this will be how I fix that. Now you only have to see it if it's what you're looking for.

This new tier system will go into effect once I post the first chapter of Eros and Pscyhe. I will be removing old content and reuploading it to the new assigned tiers which will take some time, so please bear with me while I take care of all that. 

Item 4: Far to the North will be concluding its first volume this year. If I'm working in batches as I intend to, it might end rather soon. I do not intend to start the second volume this year, but hopefully the point we leave off at will be a satisfying one so the wait shouldn't be excruciating. Once I'm done with Poisoned and Eros and Psyche (which will both be one-shot books like Persephone) I will consider picking up FTTN again. I will talk about it more once the volume ends.

Thank you all so much for both your support and your patience while I try to reorganize my professional life here. I hope to have tons of cool stuff for you all this year. Happy 2019!