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New York Isn't What It Was...
The fall of New York is a story I keep coming back to. Maybe it's because I was born there. It's easily masked by the continued urban rejuvenation, but New York has now become a city with a vestigial state attached. That's not what it used to be. For the first 150 or so years that there was a United States, the state, and its leadership were dynamic leaders of the country. That hasn't been true for a while, in the political realm at least. 

This video is a bit weird. I had intended to couple it with some data on the state from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis. Unfortunately the data was a bit hard for me to process, and what I did figure out didn't work out the way I wanted it do. So this video ended up being a lot shorter than I was intending. But I think it's still interesting. I'll be returning to this topic at some point I'm sure. It's important.