Newcastle's Inner Circle

While most every faction is a part of Newcastle’s Network, most work with Newcastle begrudgingly and have their own agenda. Newcastle’s Inner Circle are the few who truly believe in Newcastle’s vision and fight to keep him in power. If you decide to not have the factions united these would be the people still working with Newcastle. 


Newcastle- Once the city’s most promising hero, Newcastle decided the best way to defeat the criminals in New Avalon was to control them. Through a quick, bloody corporate takeover of all of New Avalon’s criminal factions, Newcastle set himself up as the King of New Avalon. 

Major Players

Bishop Black (NCN)- The close personal advisor to Newcastle himself, Bishop believes the Lord Almighty has directed him to make sure Newcastle succeeds.

Johnny Scorpio (NCN)- The youngest of the Scorpio brothers, Johnny is a wheeler and a dealer. With his unnatural charm and irresistible powers of persuasion, Johnny helps keeps the various factions of New Avalon in line behind Newcastle.

Jimmy Scorpio (NCN)- Like most big brothers, Jimmy helps keep Johnny from getting in over his head. More likely to follow orders and stay on task than his younger brother. Jimmy is more trusted  and held in higher esteem by Newcastle than Johnny.


Chishio (NCN)- The samurai son of a demon king, Chishio is the perfect bodyguard for Zachariah Newcastle. Devoted to his master, Chishio holds back the darkness inside him until someone crosses Newcastle. 

Brutal (NCN)- Brutal is the stick Johnny hits people who get out of line with. Unmatched as a fighter and seemingly unaffected by the abilities of others, Brutal lives to fight, waiting for Johnny to point him in the direction of his next victim.