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September 14


Dying between her thighs is not a right, but a privilege you have to earn.

It is finally time to introduce muscle ladies into our game. Sure, you can argue that Brigitte is one of them, but does she have such refined core muscles? Just look at them! Inspect the every little detail, every curve and nuance. Enjoy it, savor it, because it's finally here!

Zahera will squish you alive in between her thunder thighs, but only if you are persistent enough to earn the right to die the most honorable death. She is tough, but more than that, she is afraid of letting people down, not being taken seriously, and so many more things, hidden deep down, behind that bratty persona. Maybe she just needs someone, who can listen, someone, who will comfort her and give that necessary push to overcome her insecurities. Or maybe, just throwing this wild idea out there, she might benefit from someone, who can put her in her place. A person tough enough to tolerate her presence.

If you expected her to go easy on you, too bad. This story is all about BEING TOUGH, MUSCULAR, AROUSED AND UNCOMFORTABLY WET! The perfect kind of story.


Our new original comic, centered around a shy librarian girl, Sitara, and her irresistible urges is finally here!

This comic is a precursor for her upcoming route, and a foundation upon which it will be built, exploring the most intimate details and uncovering every secret her closed-off persona might be hiding, and there is much to uncover. And, just a side note, you will be able to romance every character featured in this comic, including that sweet-sweet bun you've seen in previous teasers!

As per usual, we made sure to focus only on the things you might actually want to see, filling every page with as much spice as we can afford. No downtime, no unnecessary chatter, straight to the point, perfectly encapsulating the nature of her uncontrollable desires.

General and High Council Tiers can already enjoy the entire comic, which is available for download in our Discord server, in the #full-comic channel. As soon as our programmer gets more free time on his hands, we will also make sure to add a separate page on our website, where you will be able to download this and every previously released comic made by our team!

If you aren't a patient kind, be sure to join high ranks and support our effort at expanding the universe of Academy34, as well as partake in voting for which character should we dedicate a comic to next.

Private Tier patrons will get access to the first set of pages this Saturday!


September is still far from over.

The final chapter in the story of your misadventures, involving the charming, slightly "out there" hacker girl with questionable morals, and even more questionable means to achieve her goals. This time you will finally get a chance to put an end to the manipulation, hit the last nail in the coffin of uncertainty, and maybe... just maybe, you will be able to conquer her heart at last.

Also, we are financially obligated (it's like contractually, but when you are poor and doing something against your morals, just for the sake of eating something other than water) to remind you, that by getting the newly released Sitara comic now and signing up to high tiers, you will also receive an immediate access to Reina's update as soon as it comes out!

Yeah, sorry about being a little "in your face" with ads, but we expanded our art team again and it might have been a hasty decision. Though it's always worth it, content machine is going full speed!



Early access is open to high tier patrons! If you enjoy what we do and would like to take part in shaping our game's future, be sure to join high ranks and get access to this and every upcoming closed testing, as well as many other rewards!

IMPORTANT: If you plan to pledge only to get access to this update, do not cancel your pledge before downloading the game. It might cause update to be inaccessible due to Patreon API bug. Do it only once you downloaded all you want.



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