Newly Opened Game: Colt Express!
Colt Express is the next game I unboxed last time. It's a game with a 3D train and you use cards to program your outlaw's movements and actions as you make your way to the engine. I also picked up the Horses & Stagecoach expansion that adds horses you can jump on to move around and a stagecoach to rob as well. This is a game I need to get to the table STAT! ;)

And there's the damage since it was a scratch & dent purchase. I have to figure out how to restore boxes...

The insert is ambitious and you have to put that together as well. Unfortunately, the damaged box does little to help this out. The box looks to be just the right size to hold the base game and not much else. I'll have to see if I can fit the expansion in there as well. I might have to ditch the insert to do so, however.

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