NEWS : 2017 June
 NEWS:  We are currently inactive due to a movie we are working on called A Youtuber's Life coming out sometime in 2020. Also we have another movie coming out in partner with Airo Movies. Advertisements may appear due to copyright however if we use copyright we have to let the claimant know and need him to ACCEPT the copyright use. I am really nervous about these movies so stay chilled. Our new parodies will come out in early August and our Bendy videos about Chapter 3 will come out maybe in 2018. Face reveal contest will start at early June. Shout-out day is now here and every Sunday I will do a shout-out video. Airo users will also be a thing. In late August or early September we will host a midday show on YouTube called 'The ElytraIevu & Fiends Show'. We will record in a place we have never recorded before. Our little penthouse/loft (depends where you are). We are just waiting for the loft to be finished. In 2018 we will also introduce animation to our channel. We also got a watermark to prevent copyright-cats from copying my content. See you at #HOT_TOPIC!