News!  I have news! Although first I’ll just say that I’m planning on doing a semi-regularly blog on this site about the experience I’m having with the project. A few people have expressed interest in Brood Parasites and why I’m publishing it over Patreon rather than any of the traditional or other self-publishing means. I have

reasons and I have goals, so I though why not incorporate them into a regular update? You are of course free to ignore these posts as you like and just go straight to the new chapter as they come up, but they’ll be here if you want them.

Anyhoo, news; there is an audio version of the novel incoming, straight to your inbox! A good friend of mine is an aspiring, and talented, voice actor and has agreed to narrate the chapters of Brood Parasites for your listening pleasure.  His name is Ken Craig and has a Canadian accent which flows like melted chocolate…. ahem, sorry.

The first chapter will be posted for everyone to hear and hosted on YouTube, and from chapter two onwards will only be available to patrons. I’ve heard Ken’s first pass and boy are you guys in for a treat. 

The first chapter will be up soon, and I can't wait to share it with you.

Ciao for now,