We will not be releasing $1-content on Patreon page anymore. From this moment we will be packing it and will send it to all of our $1 Patrons in archives in the end of every month . What conent will be posting here then? Only public released art - not all, but random quantities of it. 

Once again - if you are here just to cheat, please, don't do this, you choose the wrong way. Just wait a week or so and you will see some pieces in our FA gallery. Pledging is a supporting, and we are very aprecciate help of standing  patrons.

We'll add new features to current pledges. Here some of these: 

• Before this moment only $30 patrons may requested sceneries, but now we added similiar options for another patrons too. Now all, who are patronaging us more than 3 month may request things related with our settings - it will help us to increase a quantity of monthly content. Every months you may request one picture with theme you want for some of our characters you do like mostly. You will get it straight after payment status will be changed to "Proceed". We will not draw a porn, but some "playful ero"-themes is allowed. 

Type of requests is different for different patrons: 

- 4th level patrons () will get a high-detailed scenery. 

- 3rd level patrons () will get an accurate fullbody on the white background. 

- 2nd level patrons () will get a coloured fullbody-sketch. 

- 1nd level patrons () will get a coloured headshot.

All our patrons will get a 15% discount on all type of commissions, that is our setting related. No matter what exactly you do want to order: to get a sahash character or a picture with your character of/as one of our species. Of course, this discount works as long as you are our patron and only when  payment status changed to "Proceed". 

P.S.: All patrons who patronage us more than 3 months can request drawings right in the comments. Or just drop a message in PM here :> Can't wait to start!