Dear people,

I´ve been taking a break from the "public persona", I´ve been regrouping and rethinking a whole lot. The time has come to begin sharing my thoughts again and for now I have decided to do so by the format of small pamflets/books/zines.

I wont be posting at the blog in the same manner as I have done before- allthough it will come alive again soon.


I´m writing the first pamflet/book/zine at the moment. 

It´s called "ressources".

All of you who support my general work will off course be offered this book for free (available in both danish and english, including "rare footage" and that sort of thing ;-)

I´ll send it to you if you want it.

I just wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate your support.

Especially during these past 4, 5 months where I havn´t been saying a whole lot. For a writer like me, silence is deadly, your whole livelihood, all your income dissapears... but I had to be quiet, I just had to. I´ll tell why later. Maybe in the books.

Thank you!