It's been three years to the day (October 1, 2013) when I finished the above picture of Peter Capaldi who had just been announced as the new Doctor. A group of people, myself included, had sent him a welcoming present of fan art for Christmas. We had no idea what his costume would look like, so this was my imagined take on it at the time. (I wasn't too far off-- I was going for an "older Bowie" look. And I liked his hair, well... bigger. Which it did get, eventually.) A few months later, Peter himself sent thank you messages to all who participated in the fan art present (he loves fan art, being an artist himself) and he even drew us little planets and Daleks on signed postcards. (I have mine framed and hanging on the wall.) He wrote to me: "Keep it cosmic!"

Well, this started a project. For fun, I began to draw portraits of each of the Doctors in my sketchbook (accompanied this time by little fob-watches in the corners counting down their numbering.) I hadn't planned at the time to do finished versions of the sketches, but... sadly, my dad had suddenly died and I was home from work and needed something else with which to occupy my mind. So I started painting the Tenth Doctor (because he was my friend Sandra Franklin's favorite and she would be flying in to visit from England the following week) and I barely left the drawing table that week.

I finished Ten in two days-- a record time for me. (The other 14 pictures to follow weren't done in such a similarly sad fervor.)

Then I thought: "Well, let's keep going..." 
So I did.

Titan Comics has been producing a fantastic line of  Doctor Who comics for several years now and for fun, I took some of my own Doctor illustrations and made little mock-up covers using their sketch-variant blank cover templates. (I showed you some of these a few months ago here on Patreon.)

I was contacted just recently by Titan Comics, (who saw them on Twitter). I was asked if I wanted to contribute to doing some variant covers for their ongoing series featuring the Ninth through the Twelfth Doctor.


I think you know how I answered that question.
As well as, "Which Doctor would you like to start with...?"

Well, see above.

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