News about Mimi and Lola
So, on Saturday, March 19th  I spayed 2 kitties. I was very nervous.  I had to take them to other city because we don't have a vet clinic here.  

On the way back when they started to wake up they began to vomit in the car and I almost had a heart attack. They were so cold. Good thing is that I had warm stuff with me and I wrapped them in it and held them in my lap so I could watch over them while my uncle drove. 

They did not eat anything that day. Didn't even drink water. The started to get a bit better the next day. Mimi began to eat while Lola didn't eat anything.  But the doc told me it was because of anesthesia and it would wear off soon. 

Thank god on the third day (yesterday) they began to eat, drink and purring. 

They are doing well now and I will upload their pics later when everything is finally over (removing stitches and etc.).   

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