Recent Changes (May 2019)
I have made another change on the Tags. I added a Commission Tag, which includes, well, commission art xD I thought it might be a good idea to give them a separate "gallery". In addition to this I have set a lot more Artworks to public.

About Reward Discounts:
- The Reward Discount on Commissions counts for only one commission per month.
- You can only claim the discount if you been a patron for at least one full month
( = if your pledge  has been charged once).
- The discount cannot be stacked and counts for every month separately.
- My Commissions must be open. (You will be notified about it on the discord server)

About you as a Patron:
If you become my Patron, I see you as a serious supporter. I trust you to not leak my Artworks that I post here, in any way. Feel free to share Art that I made for you, or the Art that is set to "public". But please do not leak any of the "Patreon only" content.

What are you doing with the funds?
I am using them for various things in RL, right now it's helping me to pay a bill. Also, for drawing material such as the Light Table and Markers. And of course, also for my pets so they won't miss anything ;//u//;

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