News And Updates For January 2019

I have exciting news to report this month! (Well, at least it's exciting to me!)

And, yes, I posted this a little early, but I don't think there will be any major developments in the next two days.

I've gotten another story accepted! This one is a short horror story called Closure. It's been accepted into the Thirteen O'Clock Press anthology titled X6. Or sometimes it's referred to as the X Anthology VI. Or X VI. I'll let you know the exact title once it's available. Here's the official closing notice I received for the anthology:

It's probably a good idea that Thirteen O'Clock Press isn't going to try another "X" anthology for a while. They only want about 70,000 words for each of their anthologies, and although this one eventually went a little over, it seems the interest isn't there from the writers. This iteration of the "X" series has been open for some time now, taking years to fill. In fact, I have a poem called Among the Bones that is also supposed to be included. That one was accepted way back in November of 2016.  I hope the end product is worth it! And I hope my poem is still included and didn't get lost along the way. The poem was supposed to go into a different anthology, but it was misplaced and ended up in X6. Or so I was told. It's only one sentence long, so a tiny poem like that could disappear quite easily! You know I'll be checking things out as soon as the list of final acceptances are available.

Anyway, about the story...

Closure is about a young woman coming to terms with a horrific experience in her earlier life. She tries to go back and face the experience as an adult, but events don't go quite as planned. After all, if they did there wouldn't be much of a story, would there? They say you can't go back again, and even if you can, well, maybe you shouldn't. I can't say more without giving the story away.

Thirteen O'Clock Press will also be publishing my story Momma Knows Best in their Lonesome Train anthology. This is my dark, Southern Gothic story about a young lady having problems accepting her mother's advice. Last I heard, the stories that have been accepted are in the editing process, so it should be out soon (and before X6).

Thirteen O'Clock Press has a number of other anthologies open, and I have stories in mind for some of these.

Bought and Sold: What's bought, what's sold, who's bought, who's sold, scope here for some superb stories, yes?  (I have a partially done story that may work here.)

Chains: Who's chained, where are they, what are they, what are the chains holding down/stopping escaping/securing against robbers...  (And maybe for this one, too.)

Strangers: Who are they, what are they, what do they want, are they who they say they are, what are they doing in your town/city/location... what strangers walk through your vivid imaginations at times?  (Don't really have anything for this.)

Twisted Time: What can go terribly wrong in the realm of Time Travel? No obvious Doctor Who fan fic, please.  (Don't really have anything for this, either.) 

Blood in the Cogs: Terror in the time of Victoria! There was a lot going on during that long reign of hers. Don't send me ALL Jack the Ripper stories!   (I have an idea for this one - love steampunk/dieselpunk, but don't write much for it.) 

If anyone has a preference for which one I should work on, please pass your thoughts along!

I had also submitted a story, Final Judgement, to Joshua Palmatier's Zombies Need Brains for their Temporally Deactivated sci-fi anthology.  I knew this was a long shot as I was up against a lot of experienced and well-known sci-fi writers and there were quite a few entries. They did, however, send a nice rejection e-mail: 

I can't complain, though. Just like in the song, two out of three ain't bad. And if I can't find a taker for the story, maybe it will end up here on Patreon!

I'm also in the planning stages for Shore Leave 41. It sneaks up on me every year, and there is a lot to do. I'm planning to give away more books this year, and many of the authors I know have new work out (or coming out soon). Have to make up a list. And I need to get moving on any artwork I plan to put up for sale at the art show. Way behind on that.

And I need to get back to setting up my new website. 

As you can see, there is a lot happening. Or a lot needs to happen. Getting my backside in gear takes more effort every year. I'll try to keep you informed, but if anyone has any questions, post a comment or send an e-mail. I'll get back to you!

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