News and Updates
We have been working hard. Slow, but making head way. It took a while to iron our some bugs and issues. Just waiting to hear back from my programmer so that we can progress further on finishing up a few more bugs.

Meanwhile, we have partnered with a new spriter to continue work on some original sprites. We have completed the original sprites for the first two enemies you fight in the game and are now focusing on Esther's redesigned sprite. Next will be the first boss. But Esther's sprite will take the most time and resources for now, due to us mapping out everything that will be needed (spells, attacks, ect) for the first two chapters of the game.

Finally, we are working with MuddyMelly on a new original title screen. Her beautiful artwork will be a welcome accompaniment and first impression as you load up that start screen for the first time. I hope to employ her for a number of other splash screens in the near future (to replace another set of placeholders found early in the game).

Once we get back on top of things, we will finally be able to commission more artwork from our main artist. Something I have been hoping to do for a long time, for there is still so much more to be finished in the character designs.