News, the bad kind

Hey guys! We're sorry to announce that both me (writer) and Naughty (lead artist) got quite sick and it actually seems to be COVID. We are yet to be tested so there's no certainty in it, but one thing we're sure of: We feel damn awful right now. It might impact the speed with which we work on new update, but we still will do our best not to make you wait for too long.  

Sorry that we start new year of the bad news, but don't worry too much. We've been prepared for something like this to happen and actually finished most of materials needed for other team members to work, so it shouldn't impact the release date too much.

For the health sake we won't pressure ourselves too much, but we have ideas how to fill the gap between releases, so you won't be left completely empty handed. Though we might split Part 4 of Mei's story into two smaller updates. Both of them will feature big and very detailed h-scenes (one per update, but consisting of around 30-40 unique frames) plus few smaller scenes, which also include some amount of lewd-ness. 

We will keep you updated about both our working progress and state of our health!

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