News: Ent Hiatus + Changes
So, everything that's been happening in just 2 months time is finally catching up with me. I have been shitty with networking and trying to find an escape - which may or may not have been evident and I do apologize I have been pretty silent due to this.

The last week of December my husband was in a car wreck that totaled the car. He was hurt, but thankfully not too much. Of course we've had to jump through hoops of paperwork, such as our car insurance refusing to pay for the full coverage because "the vehicle should have been registered as a company work vehicle". No, he is a sales man. His car is transportation only, not to help him with his job beyond that. It is listed it gets him to and from work - between 5 stores. According to their ToS when we joined, this would not make it a work vehicle. So, clusterfuck hoy. About a week and a half ago we finally got everything settled but its hit us pretty hard in the pocket and mental exhaustion.

On top of that there has been a lot of family drama I will not be explaining here, hospitilization of an uncle who got in a motorcycle accident and punctured lung (just got home after almost 2 weeks of coma), and just things that have been wracking up from 2016 has me at a mental all time low that the only thing keeping me goign some days is my responsibilities as the parent of my child.

And, finally: Bills. Thanks to the hit to our wallets, we need money. I have dental bills I need to take care of now before my dental health gets worse (and I already put it off all 2016), I have cat health that needs taken care of (nothing emergency, standard health. yearly check ups and Seffy needs to be spayed), student loans as per usual, and with no luck in getting a job due to ~*overqualification*~ I have been struggling a lot.

The biggest change will be in Entanglement's Hiatus. 

No worries, it's not over or anything. It is my baby, I wish to tell this story, but I have run into some problems I cannot go on ignoring anymore. The biggest is, art wise, it is not what I want. I have never been a big fan of color but it is a habit that was pressured on me when I started digital work. My fault, I know, I should have just made whatI wanted to begin with but for a while I honestly thought it would be better off with color - and truthfully? Color does not impact the story save for easter eggs for those who know my universe in depth, but that is not something that truly can be appreciated by the masses otherwise and I don't think that's fair. It's a product I am not happy with. 

The first chapter, especially, is written more for the minds of my backers at time of creation - a huge mistake I recognize now: There is no reason passerbys have to care about these characters. It's okay to throw people into the middle of things, but how I did it with Entanglement is not the correct answer.

So the hiatus serves multiple purposes: 

1) Catch up. Yup, there is so much on my to do list on the side I want done for Entanglement I want to throw into it (website I still haven't been able to get right, etc). Also with how much I have been struggling as of late, I have been unable to get contest prizes done nor the posters completed and sent out, this is not good and has not helped my mental state. 

2) Money: Nope, I need money. I'm going to have to switch gears to commission work more seriously alongside my comics, with more priority to commissions for a little while until I can manage to get more steady funds. Commission specials will be going live soon as I sweep clean my current work load, and backers get first dips on these, so keep an eye out!

3) Finding Peace: I need time to sit down and figure out exactly what I want to do with Entanglement. The prolouge, a way I thought to fix chapter 1, has been written and something I am eager to do. However, my husband reminded me, Entanglement was originally a novel and translating it to comic has been difficult and has suggested I release both comic and written format for the prolouge and then move on to illustrated issues for chapter releases. I'm not sure, personally, but it does not change the fact that I feel lost but I really want to tell the story, so the prolouge will be getting worked on, it is just not going ot be released until I completely finish it. 

MDIAMG will not be affected by this. It will continue on as usual. It's only Entanglement I'm putting a pause on to rework and reposition myself. 

As a peer said: 'If I'm not happy making it, it won't be a happy product', and you all do deserve my best. 

I'm all for hearing ways to keep you all informed, up to date, and the likes, or anything alternatively you'd like to see from me in this time period to make up for this. I really, really hate I have to do this but if bills don't get paid, there can be problems that could cause issues down the road which will lead to more problems and even longer, irratic breaks in things. And I believe in more preventative actions, personally. ;) 

So, again, I am super sorry for all this but something has been needed to be done before things progress into more dire situations I don't think anyone would like to deal with. 

Hope everyone is having a better 2017 so far~ I'm trying to keep my head up as I work to shift gears - but first, to finish MDIAMG's issue 11! ^^

But speaking of MDIAMG - StArtFaire has a discord now if anyone would like to meet up with fellow fans of the magazine! Fellow webcomic makers, writers, and just a whole bunch of friendly people who've been an absolute blast to lurk on when I don't have time to interact. 

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