News Flash: Three More BTC FOMO TL;DL Guides Coming
Due to good excitement, buy in, and high demand, I’ve got three more bare bones just-do-it-today guides coming for Patrons.

I didn’t think I’d like doing these, but turns out I do, and it appears to have bolstered the value of this gig, and that’s everything. Plus, especially with the Discord addition, the experienced folk have a great outlet for chatting with each other. If you haven’t yet opened a Discord account and linked your Patreon account, I’d suggest you do. It’s getting pretty active.

So, after I take you through the wallet stuff tomorrow, then the portfolio stuff the next day, beginning early next week I’ll do:

1. Going from fiat to Bitcoin with zero fees using ACH transfer and GDAX.

2. Buying altcoins directly with your Jaxx wallet using Shape Shift.

3. Buying ERC-20 tokens using the EtherDelta exchange.

So, there you have it. Onward. Here's the free to the public initial TL;DR for buying Bitcoin and Ethereum today.

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