News: Good writing news and bad writing news

Hi, all! This is an extra notice regarding fiction posts. One which is good (I hope) and one which is... not so much. So let's start with the bad news first:

Aside from the monthly pieces, extras from existing publications are on hold for the time being. I'll be adding a new goal for them because I do really want to reach a point where I can write them. Some may still appear, but I feel like it's long enough now that I can say with certainly that regular extras are just not feasible for me right now. I'm really sorry, everyone. I do still love to hear what you want to see in extras - they'll make it a lot more likely that I have them to share, in fact, so let me know! - but. Yeah. My head is a mess and until I fix that I've got space for the big projects but less so the small ones that count as extras. T_T

The good news, though, is that I've finally started to set up releasing the draft version of DemiPrincess2. Please bear in mind that this is a very rough draft, being the first draft, and liable to change.

Those posts start as soon as tomorrow for everyone in the Chocolate Fund (and higher). I've chopped the draft into pieces and aim to have a new post up every Thursday. I currently have a buffer until August, so unless things change drastically I should be able to keep it on a weekly schedule until I reach the end. I make no promises, though. I've taken a hiatus to catch up on the story with every unfinished serial I've done to date.

It's high time I actually started sharing more of the drafts I've promised you all. DemiPrincess2 does not, currently, have a stable proper title, so codenames it is.

This story is set about 6 years after Among the Glimmering Flowers and you don't need to have read it to follow along with this one. Anything that gets referenced should be explained enough to carry you through.

In this one, Felicity is about to host her maybe-fiance for a few months to see if they'd be compatible people. Sadly, mysterious people have other plans for her. And Fili? He's adjusted reasonably well to his new position in life, for all that he's waiting for the other shoe to drop.

For those of you who wanted more kelpies, rejoice! For there are more kelpies.

(Also this was supposed to be comfy court intrigue ala The Goblin Emperor, but then the Gentry showed up, so... Apparently not.)

Side-note: Nonfiction-wise. the livereads and ace academic essays will continue as they are and I've got no current plans to stop posting short weekly essays on Monday. I am reevaluating the latter, though.

tl;dr explanation: mental health sucks, but I will get weekly content out to you all. Please let me know if you've got preferences for any type, so I can prioritise what you want to see more of! <3

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