News: "No Changes" on Japanese Restricted List, Monthly Bushiroad Cup to be Held in June
This morning Bushiroad of Japan issued a formal statement that following consideration of the results of the Fighter's Road 2015 Tokyo regional qualifier at this year's Great Vanguard Festival, there will be no changes made to the Fighter's Rules for the coming tournament season. Dragonic Overlord “The X” and Seeker Thing Saver Dragon have both been taken off of the Fighter's Rules watchlist, which up to now listed those cards on the official website as being potentially restricted in the future. No statistics regarding clan usage in FR2015 have been published, but the company's internal data likely parallels latent tournament results in which “The X” was virtually eradicated from tournament play, and Thing Saver's 40% stranglehold on the format broken by an influx of Phantom Blaster “Abyss” decks using “Diablo” support.
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