News of the World - 9/27/2014
"Paradigm Shift" - The first 2 chapters are available to read here. For the rest of the story on Patreon, click the Give $1 button. Otherwise you can go to and read the story sans-Dylan's POV (it's all Gregor). Slash: Gregor Tierney/Dylan Park, mm sci-fi A/B/O mpreg. "Shame: Fierce" - I'm pushing myself on this one. It will be available here for a $5 donation. Otherwise it will be amended to the already published "Simon Peters: Shame" short story. (Warning: "Shame" is the rape scene. For the rest of the series, unless otherwise marked, they're Simon dealing with the aftermath and getting on with his life.) Slash: Simon Peters/Adam Booth, mm contemporary actor. "From Diamond to Coal" - I'll begin serializing shortly. After Arc 01, a $5 donation gets you access to Arc 02 and more. Slash: William Neeley/Alan Trent, mm sci-fi superscience. - All stories will be available as ebooks on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble. So check out the free excerpts and keep an eye out for the books when they're available. * * * THE SITE IS DOWN I'm kind of upset at the moment. The webhost for my site can't or won't do anything to prevent my continuous site-outages. It's incredibly frustrating. I feel like I should switch hosting companies, but I don't have any money. I'm kinda stuck for the time being. * * * TRANSPARENCY Fundraising Goal 01: $50,000 (I have $30,000 in debt, and I have a house that needs serious renovations to make it liveable). Currently I owe the IRS close to $2000 because of an old 401k issue that didn't get resolved years ago. ($500 blew up like Tetsuo in "Akira.") I'm scared I'm going to be arrested, so I want to handle this problem first. I have money I owe on a car and some credit cards I maxed out during The Suck. Then I'll pay off the house before using any left overs to fix up the house -- holes in walls and floors, no heat, no air filters, the fridge defrosts itself, and all the finishing touches. (This place is a serious mess at the moment. It's just that none of us have the money to get it finished.) Once all my debts are paid and the house is fixed up, at that point I only need enough money to live on. I won't feel such pressure to sell books, get my Farm up and running, or possibly sell an organ for hard cash. I don't need the added money stress on my already fragile psyche. I realize that I can't withstand the strain for much longer and I don't want to be remembered like H. Beam Piper. (He was days before his big popularity breakout. Very sad and wasteful, but a valuable lesson. "Hold on. It gets better.") The sooner I'm all settled, the sooner you'll get tons more free content. So THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Even if you just Paypal a donation then cancel the next month's payment before it can be charged, I'm grateful for your help. I want to make sure you always have something to read. So I'm going to try my best to get my life in order and pay off all my debts. * * * CURRENT QUEUE Faizel 02 Paradigm Shift The Panic Pure Rolling In the Deep Freeform Jazz Journey to Another Hell All That Remains Little Bit Strange But Still Special
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