News: Possible next project
I'm still working hard on Demented Pixie (Just finished another boss and two roles, later today I'll work on an ending sequence), but as I work, we get nearer to completion. It's a good time to start thinking about the next project!

Right now the thing I feel most motivated about for the next game is a platforming game. A 3d platformer in the veins of Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario 3D world, or the sadly unreleased Sonic Xtreme. By that I mean a fast, blocky-but-not-basic progression in often branching obstacle courses. You might have seen the could-be-game star, Neka, a few times in this patreon already. Let's talk about her.

Neka Fineclaw is the daughter of two insanely powerful monsters that once desolated the land. She herself was foretold to come 200 years after the reign of her parents (missing since their empire's demise) and conquer the world... But she overslept. One full year. Now someone else is ruling the world with an iron fist and Neka will have to get it back by force. She's quite bashfull, you see.

So we have a fantasy world full of magical creatures, an 'evil' spunky teenaged demon-beast-girl rushing through it with the finnesse (and devastating power) of a drunken elephant, and a bucket full of fantasy cliché subversions.

That's the idea, at least. Right now it's just a very incomplete tech demo, you can do little more than run around, jump and punch crates. Half the props you can see do nothing. It's gonna take a while to get it to a playable level, but Demented Pixie is the priority for now.

Anyway! Ideas? Opinions? Bring on the talk!

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