News published for my patreons (please read)
Hey guys, how are you. Firstly I want to tell you that I have decided to suspend my comic: SUGAR NAUGTHY  because I have been very tight with my university duties which prevent me from working the strips with comfort. Sincerely it hurts me not to be able to follow it but my duties lately are heavier and more now that I am in the last year of my university career.I really would love to have more time to make the strips that I have loved much draw and share to the world through tumblr and subculture (platform in Spanish).

Likewise I want to excuse myself with those who have helped me with their donations and are waiting for their rewards, I'm really trying to be as quick as I can to give each one of his rewards and not let my duties cross so much with my work. I really appreciate the patience of some who have understood my situation. 

i  give them a hug and thank you very much for the support. ♥

And to draw strength to continue with my projects when I finished my obligations. To continue sharing with you :)